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Picture post on a Monday 


Getting over the inertia 

It’s been something like five years since I felt like someone who’s been active. People always assume I’m very fit and it makes me laugh since I’ve hardly been doing anything since the kids came along. Yes, I bike but it’s more for the thrill than for fitness and I don’t get out there long enough for it to be counted as exercise. 

The past couple of weeks I’ve started to try and get off my arse. And I am happy to report that today, for the first time in a LONG time, I actually felt like going for a run after work. It was a very short run but I was so pleased that I got out there. 

  1. Sat: 1 km swim
  2. Thurs: 14.4km off road ride x 2 
  3. Fri: 3km run

Let’s see it I manage my swim tomorrow. If I do, it will have been my most active week in five years. 

… and now that I have written about it, I can’t not do it! 

Our journey by Lightedpixels

Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have friends who have watched us grow and who have supported our journey. But one friend has actually documented that process in a beautiful way that we’ll never forget. What makes me even happier is that no matter how old we get, the little ones will always be able to remember us from this time in our lives.

The song ‘Two Sleepy People’ by Silje Nergaard was also used for the video slideshow at our wedding and I believe is a special ‘beginning’ song for Kelvin too. Oh, how far we’ve all come!

Conversations in the car

Naomi is telling us about a fantasy that her friend Genevieve has.

Me: Do you know what Mummy’s fantasy is, Nae?

Nae: (curiously) What, Mummy?

Me: (totally embellishing) My fantasy is that Daddy takes me on an amazing date with lots of flowers and presents and that he tells me I am the most amazing woman in the world!

Andrew gives me a knowing look and laughs.

Nae: Why are you laughing at Mummy’s fantasy, Daddy?

A: Because Mummy is telling me exactly what she wants me to do.

(tiny pause)

Charly: Daddy, there’s bird poo poo on my window.

Me: Oh. That’s the end of that then.

A: Yes, thank you Charly.

Picture post: There is love


Thoughts of a working mum post sabbatical

IMG_6566It’s been an incredible three months. 

The past 90 days have been spent doing things I’ve not had the time to do – recharging, recalibrating and just generally thinking about how to live life better. I’ve been to the bank, I’ve re-organised our home life, I’ve spent a heap of time with our girls, I’ve relooked at our family priorities and thought about what I need to do better, both personally and professionally. It has been a most enriching three months, indeed.

What I’ve learnt

  • There are always going to be more things I need to do for the family – Give myself more leeway in the future. The most important item on that To Do list is the TIME I can spend with the girls, talking, laughing and just being.
  • Aim for what is achievable and SUSTAINABLE – Do go for those 20 minute jogs in the morning instead of aiming for the sky with 6.30am or 9.30pm Muay Thai classes, which require more time and money behind them.
  • The saddle is a happy place. You’re obviously not going to manage riding 2-3 times a week once you’re back at work so give yourself a cheer – HOORAY – whenever you manage your weekly mountain bike ride. It is, in fact, a luxury. But do try to do this weekly, come rain or shine.


  • Skill is key. You don’t have to hit the trail hard to find that feel good sweet spot. Sometimes a good skills session is way more satisfying.
  • Scotch is amazing when you want to relax but not all the time. Sometimes, a good night’s SLEEP does wonders.
  • Your body IS a temple. Fill it with GOOD FUEL if you want to perform well. Bright coloured vegetable and fruit, fish, lots of water.. Comfort is a long-term thing.
  • The girls are way happier when you are HAPPY.
  •  Your HOME is where your heart is.

And lastly, though you will….

Never, ever doubt.