By the Sea


We’ve been making more of an effort recently to spend time as a family – that’s right, with the Longbottoms too. So we did a picnic by the beach which was honestly the nicest family activity we’ve ever done together! The doggies got to run, Rosco swam his little otter legs out, Sally tempura-ed in the sand as she always more »

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Conversations in the car


Naomi is telling us about a fantasy that her friend Genevieve has. Me: Do you know what Mummy’s fantasy is, Nae? Nae: (curiously) What, Mummy? Me: (totally embellishing) My fantasy is that Daddy takes me on an amazing date with lots of flowers and presents and that he tells me I am the most amazing woman in the world! Andrew more »

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Throwback Tuesday

The day we started our journey sometimes feels like it was just yesterday, even though we’ve done quite a bit of time together. I chanced across this collage Kelvin put together when he gave us our coffee table book and well, memories of the happy day came flooding back. I guess I really ought to get my act together with more »

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