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Conversations in the car

Naomi is telling us about a fantasy that her friend Genevieve has.

Me: Do you know what Mummy’s fantasy is, Nae?

Nae: (curiously) What, Mummy?

Me: (totally embellishing) My fantasy is that Daddy takes me on an amazing date with lots of flowers and presents and that he tells me I am the most amazing woman in the world!

Andrew gives me a knowing look and laughs.

Nae: Why are you laughing at Mummy’s fantasy, Daddy?

A: Because Mummy is telling me exactly what she wants me to do.

(tiny pause)

Charly: Daddy, there’s bird poo poo on my window.

Me: Oh. That’s the end of that then.

A: Yes, thank you Charly.

Throwback Tuesday


The day we started our journey sometimes feels like it was just yesterday, even though we’ve done quite a bit of time together. I chanced across this collage Kelvin put together when he gave us our coffee table book and well, memories of the happy day came flooding back. I guess I really ought to get my act together with the wedding video… which is still all living on HD casette! Chetz, make sure you get a proper videographer!


The Great BC – Before Children? No – British Columbia.


It seems like a lifetime ago that Hubba and I were in Vancouver on our first adventure together in 4 years.

In reality, we’ve only been back for about 2 weeks and I suppose this blog post is long overdue.

A month ago, we took the brave step of going on a two week holiday sans kids. The kids were with their beloved Grandparents and having a holiday of their own and almost every few days we’d get on FaceTime wherever we could to catch up. Prior to our departure, my head was in a complete mess. It had probably been a long time since I took a mental break and checked out of everything – and even right up till us getting on the flight, I was worrying about absolutely everything there was to worry about – Was everything at work sorted? Had I forgotten to pack anything for the kids? Was everyone in school informed that the grandparents were in charge?  Had I assigned all home help chores clearly and fairly? Had I prepped both kids well enough so they’d mentally understand why we were not going to be around? Needless to say, I had a lot on my mind. So much so that I dare say I completely neglected Andrew – and of course, myself – over the two months prior to leaving.

And whilst Andrew was really looking forward to the trip – We were going to Whistler, after all. Mountain Biking bucket list and all that! And we were about to go see two really great friends too! – Until we landed in Tokyo for transit, I just wasn’t in the right head space and I just wasn’t that excited.

Look, I’m not going to complain and say I have a bad life and that it made me so stressed I couldn’t think straight.

The reality is I’ve got a good enough gig – The support we have from grandparents is just phenomenal and when we announced we wanted to take a couple’s holiday away, everyone was more than supportive. I wanted to cry when my Dad messaged me the day I left saying he felt I really deserved my holiday and to have a great time. In fact, I think I did cry. Sheez, I was probably crying at almost everything. What can I say… I think I just felt I needed to check out.

And check out, I did. I became a complete numbskull the moment the plane left Singapore. Hubba actually laughed at how dimwitted I was being about everything. It was almost like my mind decided I didn’t want to make a single decision, or think of anything at all.

Anyway, once we got to Canada we hopped right onto bicycles. The first morning of our trip we rode a few bits of trail, attended a bike festival, took a couple of bike clinics together and then attended the world premier of a biking movie. There was no such thing as ‘getting over jetlag’ – we just maxed ourselves out right away. And the next day, we were off to Whistler for a week’s worth of downhilling.

I rode 8 out of 14 days of the trip. And you know what?

It was fantastic.

I loved every minute of it. After the kids came, I spent all this time being afraid of the trail but I fell in love with mountain biking all over again. And most importantly, I fell in love with Andrew all over again. Everyone’s told me about how important it is to take the time to be the best you can before you can be the best mum that you can be. This trip really taught me what that meant – And I’m feeling really alive and in love with life again.


This couldn’t be just the one post as I learnt so much from this trip…. More posts to come. Watch this space :)

Thank God for Skype

It isn’t easy being away from my family these days, especially when I’m leaving four significant beings in my life (don’t forget the longbottoms).

This particular trip to the UAE was longer than the others have been this year. And whilst I was glad to have the opportunity for the work experience, I couldn’t help but once again wish I could split myself into two so I could be in two places at once.

And who knew FaceTime was restricted in the UAE? Thank God for Skype, I managed to see my lovelies a couple of times amidst the craziness that was this trip.

My little one is old enough to know where Mummy’s gone too. She knew Mummy had taken a “plane” at the “airport” to “Doo Bye”! Clever girl!

Hello Pops!

The day we found out I was carrying Pops, he or she was the size of a poppy seed.

Funnily enough, we’d not started trying for No. 2 yet when it all happened. We’d literally just started laughing at Nae’s little quirks and finding her really quite entertaining. Perhaps we’d mentioned in passing a couple of times as we thought it’d be fun if she had a sibling, and that we’d revisit the thought at the end of the year.

Then it all began. I remember riding up Mount Faber one evening and thinking it was more of an effort than usual, and I recall giving myself a hard time for being weak in the head that night. I also took myself to my first Muay Thai class for the first time in ages at 9.30pm on a Wednesday night, and being so slow and breathless, I swore I’d start going at least once a week.

Of course I hadn’t realised at that point that that would be my first and last Muay Thai class for awhile to come.

My temper was also incredibly – and uncharacteristically – short. On one occasion, I got SO annoyed with Hubba for something so minor and silly that when he asked me what was bugging me, I lied and said, “I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.” I had to – I had no idea why I was so mad at him when he had said and done absolutely nothing wrong!

And then one Sunday when we were out shopping, I suddenly thought the mall we were in had a particularly funky smell. That was when I got a little suspicious.

“You know what, darling,” I said. “I’m just going to buy a pregnancy test just to be sure. I really don’t think I’m pregnant but there’s something bizarre going on with me.”

And so I did. I paid for a test, put it in my bag and forgot all about it – But in the car, on the way home, I lost my temper again. Andrew was mad at me – I was rude and snappy, and well… He had absolutely no clue what was up my arse!

So when we got home, I ran straight up to the bathroom. And lo and behold….

No. 2 is scheduled to arrive less than a month before Nae turns 2.

And I am soon to become a whale…. Again :)

Blessed be the Lord who giveth.

Escape to Danang

A few months ago, Hubba and I made a decision to book a resort getaway to one of our newest hotels in the region, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. It seemed to make sense visiting a Bill Bensley, since I’d also seen and loved the design of Indigio Pearl in Phuket.

It was supposed to be our annual couple’s retreat, sans baby. But we’d been working ourselves quite hard of late and it just so happened that the week before we were meant to leave, Hubba and I both had separate work trips to Jakarta crop up. We felt terrible about not really being there for Bug and we were both racked with guilt about leaving for six days, so right after checking in for my flight to Jakarta, I trotted over to the SQ counter and booked an infant flight so Nae could come along with us too!

And you know what, we may not have had enough couple time but we sure made some quality family memories!

monkeying around at the airport

adoring mummy, of course

on the plane