First thing


I got on the mat first this morning for a fresh start to the year. But everyone wanted to join me! Both kids got on and followed the video and the I even had the doggies on the mat at one point. Needless to say, it was not as productive as it should have been. 

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She bikes. She bikes. 


12.12.15. The day our first little one – my little bug – took off on first wheels like a little champ. She’s wanted to ride for awhile now but never stuck at it long enough to really go.  This Saturday afternoon was a gloomy and wet one, and I fell asleep myself whilst trying to put Charly down for a more »

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Getting over the inertia 


It’s been something like five years since I felt like someone who’s been active. People always assume I’m very fit and it makes me laugh since I’ve hardly been doing anything since the kids came along. Yes, I bike but it’s more for the thrill than for fitness and I don’t get out there long enough for it to be more »

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A very full tank

Over 9 hours later… A few weekends ago, I took part in my first adventure race in years. Stupidly, I did zero training and I just went into it with a positive outlook and two really great teammates. And you know what? I died. Yes, we finished the race – well, all 53km that we were able to complete before more »

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