My Speedo Aquabeat

Swimming is supposed to be great for you back – And I sure felt it in Bali. Whilst most people would fix themselves with massages or reflexology, I’d just hit the pool and do laps for an instant fix.

The only thing about this sport is that it can be incredibly boring because all you do is go from right to left. There is nothing to look at aside from broken tiles or debris in the pool (which you pray you won’t see for water quality’s sake), and even if you’ve got company there’s no way to interact with the person next to you (without swallowing a ton of water). For the longest time, even in my tri days, I thought about how cool it would be to have a underwater mp3 player. It’d sure make the time fly by faster!

So my sweet Hubba ordered me one online for Christmas!

I tested it out today and the sound quality is really fantastic. Whilst it sounds a little bit monotone above water, it goes into full stereo once you’re submerged. I did my first paddle of the year with Scott Mills, Chappers and Becky keeping me company. Love, love, love! No more excuses not to swim anymore – Even more therapy for my back! Hurrah!

10 Responses to Just keep swimming

  1. Eileen Seah says:

    Where did he get the underwater mp3 player from?

  2. jess says:

    hi Janice! could you ask your husband around how much in Sing dollars the mp3 costs? did he get additional peripherals as well? thank u!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jess, he said he got it online for 100USD and by the time you add in shipping it will come up to about S$180. No additional peripherals, it comes with everything you may need, except goggles!

  3. derek says:

    i think the pools should just install underwater speakers we can listen in to Jean Danker’s voice while we swim. so soothing..

    btw i m sorry to hear abt ur spine condition. i got a spine problem myself too ahha.

  4. orientalflower says:

    Dangerous. Sekali you burst out laughing at Scott/Chappers/Becky and swallow water. Waha

  5. JoC says:


    I’m looking into buying one myself.
    Just want to check with you, how do you “wear” it?
    Do you attach it to your goggles or you can attach it to your arm, if not swimsuit?
    I take my goggles on and off all the time, so if i have to attach it to the goggles, will it be very troublesome?


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