Five sessions in and I’ve finally been given my body age assessment.

Not that I really cared – I was just enjoying the training for what it was – but the whole point of this challenge is to assess and then lower your body age in the process so I’m sure I’m at a disadvantage now, ‘coz I simply feel so much more energetic after just two weeks! Sadly, I got hit by a fever earlier in the week so I only managed to get one session in this week. But still, I felt absolutely shitty getting back to it. First time back doing anything is always the worst, eh?

Blood Pressure: 127/105 mmHg

Body Age: 29

VO2max: 40.0 ml/kg/min

Bicep Strength: 67.6kg

Crunch: 47 reps in 60 sec

Wall sit: 191 sec

Fexibility: 32.3cm

Weight: 48.7kg

Lean Bdy Mass: 40.4kg

Fat%: 17%


Need to lower/maintain my blood pressure by exercising regularly, controling my weight, limiting alcohol consumption (uh oh) and avoiding excess salt and dietary fats.

Apparently, my ideal body age to work towards is 20. Will I get it down so low?

Meanwhile, bike ride this morning was nice. Headed out for a girly ride with P so we took it easy and just tried to enjoy the spinning. Current bike fitness is oh-so-poor though. Crap. Bintan is going to be a challenge :P

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