If there’s one thing Chetz and I do more than anything else in the world, it’s talk.

I guess it comes from a long history of ‘lights off’ moments at night, when our parents had already tucked us in and our brother had brushed his teeth and grunted his way past our room.

All would be dark and I would yak at her about building a fortress with my pillow and how well I’d done it that night. Sometimes she’d tell me about how funny her friends had been or about a boy she liked. There was always something to say – although she’d always be the first one to drop off to sleep, leaving me awake and babbling to myself.

I’ve pretty much been babbling to my sister from the day I was born, plainly ‘coz we’ve always shared a room. Right up till the day she up and left for Oxford and left me sobbing pathetically at the airport.

It felt like someone had ripped part of me away and every night before bed, I’d open her empty closet and stare at the space where her belongings once were. I have a shoebox of ‘Pigs in Wigs’ cards which she wrote me whilst she was gone. I grew up without her and became my own person. I stepped out of her magnificent shadow and the light felt alright.

But still, I missed her. And I guess in those silly inane ways, I still do – especially since we no longer share a room.

So it’s times like our trip to Absolute Sanctuary when I get to be the little pest again. I do things to bug her like mess up her toiletries and bounce on her bed when she’s all comfortable. I can really be a best pest!

On one of our last days, Claire had arranged for us to go on a private sunset cruise on a yacht. I’d never been on a yacht before so obviously I was really excited – It just sounded so hoity toity. And who best to do it with than my posh nosh sissypoos?

the beauty of the sea

sparkling wine and snacks at sunset

I thought of how my poor sea-sick Hubba would feel

we watched the sunset

she realized how much fun she was having

and we did our usual sisterly chinwag

It was nice. We should do this sisterly thing more often :)

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