Bangkok, the city of Pad Thai, Lap Ghai and Mango Sticky Rice.

I came here with one initial intention only – to see my close friend and ex-Leeds Uni housemate Becky.

The last time Beck and I saw each other, it was two years ago in Scotland.

With great oceans always between us, trying to see each other every few years is an achievement. No doubt this bugs me greatly but I suppose we do make the effort to try, at least.

Beck is engaged to be married and is travelling with her fiancé whom I’d never met, so when I heard they’d be in Thailand, I knew I needed to get out here ans catch them somehow. I needed to meet the man in her life who was of so much importance to her.

(Meanwhile, poor Hubba got stuck in school this weekend. Poor baby.)

Somehow I also ended up with old family friend Dar and my ex-Secondary school mate Yvonne. And the combination has been HILARIOUS! kk muaks.

We had so much to eat yesterday that it was just ridiculous. Who even eats that much? I had chow pregancy and food coma a la Christmas and New Year.

Methinks we need to hit the pool sometime today to test our buoyancy.

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