I’ve been meaning to document what slow morning walks are like with the doggies for awhile now, but something has always seemed to get in the way so far. Whether this has been Rosco’s impatience to go down or the camera battery being dead – It all seems so lame once you look back and think about them all.

But this morning there was no excuse. Armed with my Canon EOS 400D, the leashes, my doggie bags and such, we set off on a leisurely stroll around the block. As usual, Rosco ran to his usual lizard-watching spot and Sally basked in the sun with a smile on her face.

Here are some pictures of what their little journey is like each morning:

can we go down, mummy?

no harm having some tummy rubs first

i’m ready when you are

ahhh, this is the life

hunting from tree to tree

i think i saw one up there!

i really enjoy this, mummy – look at my smile

too busy to sunbathe

check out the look of concentration

yup, still sunbathing in the same spot :)

7 Responses to The morning walk

  1. Kaye says:

    Oh god, so adorable! Aren’t they like kids? Wait, I think your captions add to that cuteness as well! Just letting you know I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog a lot.

  2. wen says:

    hi, can i ask you how you prevent your dogs from getting fleas and ticks even tho you bring them on the grass every morning? i try to avoid letting my dogs go on the grass, and they still get ticks once in a long while :(

    • Janice says:

      Hi Wen,

      You can drop some Frontline on your dog’s wet skin after he’s had a bath, on his neck behind his head so he cannot lick it. It helps!

  3. Joan says:

    Your dogs are soooo cute.

  4. Hazel says:

    Hi Janice, May i know which software/program u used to create the video ‘Doggie Wakeup’? Nicely done!

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