** The bags are now sold. Thanks for all the interest, guys! I’ll put more stuff up soon!

The Crumpler Base Toucher (Left) and Wack-O-Phone (Right)

If there’s one thing the husband and I have plenty of, it’s active, durable bags which are useful come rain or shine.

Here are two laptop bags which we have by Crumpler which we now have absolutely no use for – They are for sale at a crazy DEAL price of S$50 EACH! Any of you will know that these would have retailed for nearly S$200 a pop and well, they are practically brand new with no stains, faults or tears.

Both bags are perfect if you have a fairly large laptop and you want a ton of storage space with many compartments. The reviews are in the links above but thought I’d post some pictures so you’d have a better idea of what they look like, especially in this honey and oatmeal colour.

Base Toucher – Haversack Style

Wack-O-Phone – Slingbag Style

Genuine Crumpler Products

We’re keen to let them go cheap coz we just think it’s a waste for us to have so many bags, so we’re kinda culling our collection of active items.

If you’re interested in owning either of these useful products, email me at email[dot]ickle[at]gmail[dot]com. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy BOTH!

7 Responses to Crumpler Coolness – Laptop Bags for Sale (SOLD)

  1. Ju says:

    Hi Janice! Have you got Used handbags or adidas polo tees to sell?am really keen on getting em second handed!;)

  2. Ju says:

    Great, hurrah!;)

  3. Bubbles says:

    Hi Janice,

    I am interested in your laptop bag, but couldn’t get you through the email. It is ickle@gmail.com or .ickle@gmail.com? Both addresses are bounced back. Is it still available or sold out alr?


  4. hazel says:

    aww i’ve missed your post! looking for a cool/sturdy backpack to lug it to school and work (my back’s breaking), i don’t getting any such backpacks seconded janice (:

  5. hazel says:

    sorry i meant * i dont mind getting the backpacks secondhanded. (: thanks janice

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