A friend of mine recently wrote about her favourite time of day and this made me think about my own.

In the past, my favourite time of day would really depend on when I finished a good workout. It would be the moment of celebration in the day, when the fat lady sang and I could munch on a well-deserved meal.

These days, my itchy bum has somewhat calmed down and I suppose I’m really not all that much of the adrenalin junkie I once was. So what IS my favourite time of day, I wondered to myself?

I suppose it’s when I get home to my two little wagtails – They grin and coo and their bums go a little metronome crazy. I take them downstairs and watch them skip around like they’re the happiest pups in the world. It’s even more fun when Hubba comes home whilst we’re downstairs… When they see him, their eyes light up and they literally leap into his arms.

I guess my favourite time of day is whenever I see my little 12-legged family come together. No matter what my worry is, it usually falls away :)

8 Responses to My favourite time of day

  1. grace says:

    ooohh, sally is just TOOO cute!! =P

  2. Kaye says:

    I found myself going to your site for your entries AND your playlist. Am lovin’ both! Stay happy & inspired!

  3. chelley says:

    Oooow they still look like babies! And I am sure they will always be your babies no matter the age. Loving the tunes on your Gramophone babe! Been listening to it.

  4. Patricia says:

    Aww, look at those eyes..

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