To him, you’re his world.

3 Responses to To You He’s a Dog…

  1. Pearl says:

    HI Janice,

    i am ardent fan of your blog…and have always enjoyed reading your posts…despite not knowing you personally…

    this post really hit me on the spot when i realise how much love i use to have for my doggies…and how much i had neglected them ever since my baby came… :(

    like u said…to him…we are his world…you are so right…

    all they want is your love, attention and nothing else.

    thank you so much for this liner.

  2. Janice says:

    Hey I am really glad… Don’t neglet them ok? I’m sure they miss you and want to be part of your new little family!

  3. Pearl says:

    yea i din…i took them for bonus walk the moment i hit home last nite! and i made that promise to them…thank you for jostling me up..

    continue writing ya…lURVE ur posts…keep it coming…

    and Oh..i love ur dogs too! super adorable..

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