One of the best things about working back in the business district must be the proximity to Hubba.

When I was back at Maxwell, I often took for granted the quick lunches or coffees that we could have to catch up in between our other work commitments. In fact, I don’t think I ever bothered calling Hubba out for lunch or vice versa. But now he’s literally just a call away.

Today, we met for a quick char siew-siew yok fan. We had a flat white coffee after and split a plate of cookies. And within 40 minutes, we were both back at our work stations. I should treasure moments like these, especially when our schedules get crazy.

6 Responses to The little things count

  1. Elaine says:

    Aww. A short “getaway” to your own world is always good! I seldom have a chance to do that with my bf during weekdays! Almost never! =|

  2. Cass says:

    Yes, i can’t agree more – after i started working @ Raffles Place about a month ago, it’s been so much easier just catching up with my friends over lunch/dinner/coffee after work :)

    Too bad my bf doesn’t work in this area though =/

  3. karen says:

    nice shoes :)
    call me not fated…when i worked at Raffles Place, my hubba was not. and now that i’m not working there, he is apparently working there…oh boy!
    glad that you get to have your lit’ date with your hubba :)

    btw, r u still working at Adi?

  4. Cherilyn says:

    Hiya, lovely shoes!

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