Midweek Check-In

I know it’s been awhile since I wrote….

How’s your week going?


  1. Vanessa Frida March 11, 2010

    Hey….great bumping into you yesterday… you are looking well :)

    Week has been a crazy one….work wise…

    • Janice March 11, 2010

      I tried to look for you online but you’re not online!

      You looked lovely too and I was eyeing your fish n chips. HAHA!

      • Vanessa Frida March 11, 2010

        too busy with work…have to stay offline hahaha

        Seriously they make a fantastic beer battered fish n chips…very light and crisp…fish is very fresh. Pricey though…$21….

        • Janice March 11, 2010

          I shall try at some point… Oosters right? Maybe when you’re ready for Round 2… HAHA!

          • Vanessa Frida March 12, 2010

            can! after the 20th of this month…when the madness dies down???

  2. Cass March 14, 2010

    Hello Janice, just wanted to let you know i missed reading your (previously more frequent) entries!!! :)

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