Life is all about ups and downs , they say.

And as much of a cliche as it sounds, it’s the downs that make you realize that there are ups. Yeah okay so is doesn’t feel great when shit happens but if life didn’t include some crap, how could you ever be a true connoisseur of life’s joy?

Some of the most frustrating moments of the last few years has been very related to my physical well-being. It really isn’t fun discovering that your 30-year-old body isn’t like it used to be and that it takes a lot more time to recover from any sort of ailment. And well, it sure sucked to hear a health specialist use the words like “degeneration”, “genetic”, “not something that will go away” in the same sentence. The bills for all the health screenings and physiotherapy weren’t fun to pay and I hated having to explain my condition to anyone for fear of coming off as the biggest whinger in history.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the years gone by, it is that if you want something bad enough you need to go out of your way to make it happen. Sure it may not be a foolproof plan but you sure as hell have to try and more often than not, you do see results.

At the end of last year, I was told to stick to going for physiotherapy twice a week at least. Sarah, my physiotherapist, was a superstar but in truth, I just hated lying on a table and feeling like everything was out of my control. I knew if I wanted to get out of my rut, I needed to make it happen.

So when the time was right, I made a pact with Hubba to make a change.

Today, I really feel like a different person.

The aches and pains (if any) are all but muscular right now. My sleep patterns have come back to normal and my mental capacity at work is a lot higher.  I work as hard as I can during my workouts and when I come home, I sleep like a baby. Hubba doesn’t need to crack my back as often as he once did. I could probably go on and on but then I might start sounding like a broken record ‘coz I think I’ve written this down once before.

I think the point I am trying to make is that if you want change, you need to think up a strategy and just try.

It can be a mental challenge or it can be a physical one but trying makes all the difference. Of course it is human for us to make excuses for ourselves (come on, we’ve all done it!) and to take the easy path – or as Gracie would call it the ‘road of least resistance’ – But there comes a point where the self-whip needs to come out.

No one can do this for you. But you.

So stop telling yourself “it’s too far” or “it’s too early” or whatever it is that’s stopping you.

You can.

I think we all need that reminder sometimes.

I know I do :)

5 Responses to No Pain, No Gain

  1. Alina says:

    hiya babe, this post of yours raises issues i’m so familiar with.
    Empathize with you on the health thingy! Used to limit myself to reply in three sentences about my condition, and then proceed to smile and talk about the weather *grin*

    And I totally need to self-flagellate! Won’t be able to make it for Buddy Week :(

    *I’ll wave pompoms for you on the sideline if you like though :)*

  2. karen says:

    thanks for the really encouraging post :)
    i’ve started to hit the gym 2x a week now. at least it’s quite a feat for a lazy ass like me 8)
    u take care jan; dun overwork your body yah?
    as for me, i’m starting to be a gym rat…hope it’ll last. *hehe*

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow. I just blogged about something similar! And yes, that self-whip needs to come out sometime! Can’t be too soft on yourself! =)

  4. Wenz says:

    You’re an inspiration, Janice.

  5. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for this. Inspiration that I really need at the moment.

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