Sciatica is really annoying because one of the effects it has on me is it makes me feel like I’m not in full control of my body.

It’s a nerve irritation which has generally plagued my right leg, going down my lower back and wrapping round my thigh and going down the back of my calve and shin. In bad times when it was at its worse, I would have constant pins and needless which drove me round the bend, and dead leg syndrome when I sat down for too long.

It got on my nerves. Ha.

Ever since I started working on my core, I have felt less irritation in my sciatic nerves and I generally feel like my body is holding itself up. When I first started stretching before and after workouts, I would sometimes feel a sharp twinge in my right shin when I reached towards my right leg. I hated this feeling. Granted I knew I was inflexible but the twinge made me feel like someone took a needle and poked me really suddenly in my shin. Yearrgh.

But the more I stretch and the more I keep this up, the more I feel like I am improving. This week, I reached over to pull myself towards my right foot and guess what?

No twinge. Hurrah!!!!

I’ve kicked Sciatica in the ass. Big fat hairy woot! :)

2 Responses to Stretching & Sciatica

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, so happy for you that you kicked Sciatica. I am having a compression issue with L5 also and I’m doing some stretches and core work that the P.T. gave me, but I’m curious what stretches and core work helped you through it?
    Specifically, I think it would be helpful to stretch my hamstrings too, but as you know, the moment you bend forward it’s like *ping* in that nerve. So, I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to stretch the hammies.
    Were you doing a lot of pressups (Cobra Pose). Did you experiment with any inversion or traction?
    I know this is an issue in the past for you, but since you kicked it you are a valuable true story.
    I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever ride my bike again. If I could just go back to jiu-jitsu I’ll be happy enough.
    Thanks and congrats,

    • Janice says:

      Hi Lynn, I’m sorry to hear about your sciatica but rest assured it can be fixed! If you’re still feeling nervy, you shouldn’t do much else than what your physio has recommended.

      I was off exercise for a good 4 months I think whilst the nerves calmed down and did physio a few times a week – I mainly did a lot of ‘flossing’ if you know what I’m talking about. In terms of stretching the hamstrings, using a tennis ball, a foam roller or a golf ball can be a godsend.

      After my nerves settled down, I did a lot of core work, which involved front planks, side planks, push-ups, balance work etc. I hope this information helps!

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