The debate over whether or not an iPhone is better than a Blackberry and vice versa is one that is perennial and never-ending.

Obviously, if you’re part of the debate, you either have an iPhone OR a Blackberry. You’re always in one camp, not both.

Luckily or unluckily, I am unusually part of both camps. Thanks to work, I have one of the best BBs in my hands and it is a fantastic work tool which I do not doubt in the least. With Hubba out of the stone ages ‘coz he’s been converted from a 7-Eleven Nokia to a Blackberry user, it also makes me happy that I understand the uses of the Blackberry and that I like using it both for work and keeping in touch with the husband when away for work.


… And yes, there’s a huge BUT involved….

The iPhone DOES rock. It IS better than the Blackberry. It can do so much MORE than what BBs can do. And here are some of MY reasons I will never ever be converted away from the iPhone camp….

I can:

  • Take fantastic pictures using a gazillion iPhone apps which make my pictures look fab
  • Skype on-the-go, even using my 3G network
  • Listen to fantastic internet radio via 3G streaming on-the-go
  • Tether JaPhone to my laptop wherever I am, so I can get work done regardless of where I am and whether there is a wi-fi network available to hook on to
  • Turn my 3G network into a wi-fi network so I can now use my iPad for online access anywhere and everywhere… iPad 3G…. For what??

This list is probably work in progress…. But it’s everything I know my BB can’t do. Amen.

6 Responses to Why iPhones rock and Blackberrys don’t

  1. Meow says:

    AMEN!! ( that was my only comment but your server said that was too short?!? *muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha* Long enough WP? )

  2. missyeley says:

    I have both phones but I barely touch my BB these days. iPhone is the ROCKSTAR.

  3. Johan khoo says:

    I agree… I have both and I like my berry for work email – nothing beats it for that. But it is a one trick pony. The iPhone is what I turn to when I want everything else. Peversely, I often check my email on my iPhone because HTML mail comes out looking good on it, but I reply on my berry cos the keyboard and sped of sending are unmatched.

  4. lilsnooze says:

    My husband has both phones too…and he also prefers the iphone


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