There’s been a lot of talk about puppy mills and dog abandonment lately, so much that I actually feel sad or angry about the situation.

Some dummazz can just decide to abandon 75 dogs on one end of Singapore and on another, puppies are found whimpering from starvation.

Makes me want to literally seek out the scum of earth who do these things, and become a monster to them for a day or two, or three, or four… just so that they realize the severity of their monstrosities. Alas, this is not how justice works.

I come home to Rosco and Sally, and immediately see the love and adoration in their eyes. I tell them that I hope they are happy. That I hope we give them a good enough home and that they live a good enough life. I just don’t understand why anyone would be so cruel to any of these animals.

What did they ever do to you?

I must admit that I have no idea where Rosco came from – sometimes i wonder if he was the product of a stud and a bitch mating in a puppy mill. I would hate to think that he came from those conditions but I love him all the same. He has been such a blessing in my life.

But imagine not ever leaving a dank and dirty cage, never seeing daylight, never having anyone to love and play with you. Imagine being infested with fleas and ticks, being sick from this, having skin infections and sores all over. And just being made to get pregnant and give birth over and over again… just so someone somewhere can have a little white fluffy puppy to play with. It really irks me to the core. Yet it is hardly that person’s fault – they wouldn’t know any better when they fall in love and point at that doggy in the window.

There are so many dogs who need help. If you think you want a pup in your life, will you please give them a home?

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If I lived in a house with a garden, I’d adopt a few more for sure. Kudos to Merrill & Erica who have taken in another to their herd. I wish I could do the same.

But If you can’t, you can still help! Please spread the word to help these doggies find loving homes. There is plenty you can do – You can offer your help whether it’s lending your care in person, or supporting the cause financially.




1 FINANCE: A new bank account has been opened for this rescue project
There will be strict accountability.

Finances will be primarily for food, shelter upkeep and medical bills. (When volunteers first came to the shelter, they found only Mama-lemon washing liquid and water hose for cleaning the place….and only plain rice for the dogs.) Volunteers have since been bringing and cooking food for the dogs

Donation details : Write cheque to “Mutts and Mittens Foundation” (behind it MUST WRITE “for Pasir Ris 75 Dogs project”). Post to MUTTS AND MITTENS PTE LTD (Attention: Cohen/Leng),11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519326.

OCBC Bank account : 568 -885222- 001

2 HANDS-ON HELP: washing the place, washing the dogs, feeding the dogs, etc. Volunteers needed.
3 TRANSPORTATION: trips to the vet, buying things etc.
4 FOSTERERS: Temporary homes for the dogs until they find adoptors

Please direct all enquiries to


There are also plenty of cuties here who could use someone to love them. You can help make a difference. Thank you.

5 Responses to Help the doggies!

  1. Coco says:

    aw I love that you posted this! If I lived in Singapore, I’d take this offer ASAP!


  2. Pearl says:

    Ya i also am so disgusted with such scumbags! and even tho i’d love to help adopt but realistically i can’t as i ald have 2 lovelies at home…sigh…let me see if i can send some food over some time!

  3. carol says:

    hi do still need volunteer??? i can help it out

    • Janice says:

      Hi Carol, do read my post again and maybe contact the volunteers to see if you can help. I’m sure every bit will count!

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