This weekend, Hubba and I got promoted with a bunch of our classmates.

Courtesy of Tjin

Evolve has really changed the way I feel about working out. It’s really changed the way my body feels about anything. This evening, I took my fixie out to the supermarket and riding uphill felt amazing. I felt like I was riding on flat ground. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have any gears – it totally took me by surprise.

Yet it feels like just yesterday I was struggling to simply sit up without my right foot going dead. I thought my biking days were over…. Now I can’t wait to get Goat back on the trail…!!!

I’m really excited about Level 2. I wonder what new challenges and experiences this is going to bring. Of course it doesn’t mean that we are in any way fighting machines but it just means that we’re progressing.

We’re evolving :)

5 Responses to Evolving…

  1. Gunners says:

    wow… I’ve just noticed you are the only girl in the group! Well done!

  2. Pearl says:

    only girl!! i wanted to go try out..but looking at ur pic…it really seems like a male dominated sport! scary!

  3. Lexia says:


    Although I have been a silent reader all these while, you never fails to inspire me with your way of life through the love of sports and animals.

    Actually, I’m also keen on learning Muay Thai. How much are the classes at Evolve?

    • Janice says:

      hi there – you should go down and check it out! try out the free trial classes and discuss with the sales dudes there, they are super helpful there. there are usually promotions and stuff so you can find out from them too!

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