** You guys are so friggin’ fast! This has now been sold to Ee-Lyn – Thanks to all who showed their interest!

Canon Ixus 100 IS

This dinky li’l guy has served me well. It literally fits in the palm of my hand and is the perfect point n’ shoot companion for anyone who wants to take good pictures on-the-go. I love the Ixus heaps, I hardly have to photoshop anything or adjust the lighting and the contrast is beautiful – and I shoot in manual mode a lot, so even better!

Only reason I’m thinking of selling is to upgrade to a semi-pro which I can take along with me wherever I go for work. Seems like a real shame to be going to all these places and not taking pictures that justify the beauty, and my EOS is just too huge to cart around when I’m actually supposed to be working.

So here’s a deal right here: Comes with box, charger, battery of course, relevant cables, 8GB memory card so you can go on long trips without downloading your pix. The battery has also proven to last 6-7 days on holiday with heavy usage and NO charging!

I also put a screen protector on when I first got it so it won’t have any scratches on the screen.

Here are some pictures (un-photoshopped) which I took when I first got the camera. I’m only using them as illustration since they’re filed under ‘my new ixus 100is’ in my Facebook albums =)

picture of hubba at funan when i first unboxed the cam

little sally in the back of the car – we decided to take them out and play with the cam!

great contrast, brings out your skin tone! (no photoshop!)

great colours

convinced? :)

I bought everything for under $500 but am willing to let it all go for $280.

If interested, contact me at email.ickle@gmail.com

2 Responses to Ickle Shutterbug: IXUS 100 IS (Matt Black) (SOLD)

  1. Juliana says:

    Hey janice! I’m interested! Is it still available?

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