There are so many reasons why I like P!nk – She’s an amazing singer, performer, is totally original, has her own sound and her own style, is bursting with attitude and is never afraid to push boundaries.

Oh, and she’s my height! I met her back in 2002 during my journo days and standing side by side, we’re literally the same size.

I know it sounds naf but I’m a total fan of her album “Funhouse” and I was absolutely blown away by her recent performance of “Glitter in the Air” at the Grammy’s. How do you spin like crazy, use your abs and core strength to control your performance AND sing your heart out like that? Incredible.

Here’s the performance if you missed it:

Anyway, the funny thing is I actually found someone doing a parody of her performance and it is hilarious!!!! Watch it and LOL :) Best part is knowing the sort of artist that she is, she’d probably get a kick out of seeing this.

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