I remember first seeing this film back in the late 90’s back when I was in boarding school.

The Full Monty is a comedy about six unemployed blue-collar workers who decide to strip at a local pub for cash after seeing their wives’ enthusiasm for the Chippendales. Sounds a bit absurd but it really was quite funny yet heartwarming at the same time, seeing as how it actually revived some of their marriages etc.

And I hear that our local guys are going to be adapting this in a musical! So here’s me just doing my part to help spread the word for Kheng – If you want a laugh and if you’re curious to see how they’ve adapted this 1997 English flick, check it out!

And courtesy of Kheng, friends here da ickleoriental can get a discount via Kheng!

Thu/Fri/Sat 8pm shows Cat 1 tickets after 15% discount – $72.25
Sun/Tue/Wed 8pm shows Cat 1 tickets after 15% discount – $$68
Sat/Sun 3pm shows Cat 1 tickets after 15% discount – $59.50

All ticket orders using this special discount can be facilitated by emailing Sylvia at Sylvia@pangdemonium.com or hp 8364 3640.

2 Responses to Where you from, you sexy thing?!

  1. b says:

    i saw it too! was in JC then… man, that was yonks ago.

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