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A couple of weeks ago, Hubba celebrated his 31st birthday. And in his usual manner, he quietly let the day come and go without bothering too much about it. That’s Hubba for you.

But I didn’t want to let it go without a little bit of fuss at least!

So I called up a small bunch of good mates whom I know mean a lot to him and got them together for a celebratory burger. (Yup, age is catching up and we didn’t even have a beer.)

He was really happy – I could just see it in his eyes.

And that made me really happy indeed.

Watching your loved ones happy is just one of life’s greatest gifts, don’t you think?

Thanks to all our lovely friends who played a big part in lighting up his day!!

happy birthday, hubba!

More pictures after the jump!

3 Responses to Happy Birthday to my HubbaBubba

  1. Roy says:

    Hi Janice

    Where is the place you had the birthday celebration?


  2. Tricia says:

    Aww… that 2nd photo is SO sweet

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