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I must say we’ve not been good about taking our bikes out of late, but after Goat had a good service recently, it just felt wrong not to get a ride in. So we took the bikes out for a spin – only to discover that my cardio fitness is in a shocking state, my technical skills are shot and I may as well be writing the diary of a wimpy kid. I kept veering into bushes when I cranked uphill. Not good.

Need. To. Keep. Peddling. Straight. Ahead.

This discovery makes me feel very nervous since we have just under a month¬† before we’ll be tackling some epic rides in Melbourne. Cardio, come back to Mama!

nostalgic for the old days

Always nice to hang out with the Hubs and Sotong though. Things will all change when we move out of the area – Or will they? We’ll still ride from time to time, right?

Speaking of diary of a wimpy kid….. I just booked my first maiden skydive. Omg!!! Hubba’s laid the gauntlet down as well…..Now the question is:

Will I be man enough to take it up?

Watch this space.

7 Responses to Happy Trails

  1. ANG3LA says:

    Of course we will still ride, just means i’ve got to wake up a lil bit earlier and travel a bit further! :) xoxo Time keeps moving, but the wheels keep turning and the thighs will keep burning.

  2. sheena says:

    hi janice, thanks alot for sharing this post.

    Can i ask how did you get started on biking? i mean, i’ve been itching to get my hands on a set of sturdy wheels and hit the trails but seriously i havent been able to garner that courage (topped with a severe lack of knowledge in bikes) to start.

    i know i definitely do not have the fitness but i want to at least get into a regular routine to do at least 15 or 20km in at least once a week. i know that sounds like a wuss, but anything to get started. can you share with me your experience on how you even got started and if there’s anything a novice should take note of?

    thanks for your time & expertise in advance!

    And congrats on booking a slot for skydiving – i’m sure it’ll be a fantastic experience. Go for it!!

    • Janice says:

      hi there sheena,

      well, my now-husband actually built me a bike coz he knew i liked leisure cycling coz he was a mountain biker. i then joined a leisurely bike group called wheelsareturning (yahoo groups) and made a few friends, and joined them in leisurely rides. riding with people who know what they are doing is best coz you need to be given advice on the trails and how to handle the bike on various sections.

      it’s very unlike riding at east coast park!

      do you know anyone who bikes?

      • sheena says:

        hey janice,

        thanks so much for replying and sharing how you started off! really appreciate you taking time to write back :)

        yeah i do agree with you that it would be better riding with people who know their stuff and can show you the ropes on how to get better on the trails. but no, tough luck. i dont know anyone who bikes, i guess its hard to get started that way. i have a couple of friends who enjoy their leisure cycling too, though i do think it would be hard for us if we wanted to do the sort of exploratory-trail-like cycling. we’re really novices, and totally know nuts about bikes.

        i’m thinking maybe i can start by building up my fitness by doing a couple hours each week on easier ‘terrain’ (read: ecp). haha.. i’m actually going on garden leave soon for a couple of weeks, perhaps i can use this time to determine how far the interest is, and then decide again whether i want to pursue it as something leisurely or more demanding.

        but i’ll be sure to check out wheelsareturning! thanks alot for your time!

  3. rach says:

    hey janice! :)
    im starting out on yes im pretty much an amateur n paled drastically in comparison to what you are doing! but id like to know if you wld rec me firstly what brand or whr i cld get decent bike racks for cars so i can start getting the bikes to a much adventurous place!


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