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This post is all about Sally Boo.

When she was a puppy, she was named Sally Boo Skunk coz she had black ears and a black stripe down her back a la Pepe Le Pew. But as she blossomed the stripe disappeared and thus, so did that last bit.

I realize I’m always waxing lyrical about Rosco – He was, after all, our first. So it may seem sometimes that I don’t love my little one as much as the boy, but the truth is that is simply not the case.

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Little Sally was definitely chosen as a companion for Rosco. She was docile enough as a puppy for us to think she’d complement his personality, and we were right on all counts. Sally Boo was pretty much the runt of her litter. She was small and a little wonky. If you catch her at the right time, her eyes still look in almost different directions.

She wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box – Put her on the pee pad and she’d start snoozing. She never quite got the hang of toilet training. She stares at you blankly when you try to train her. She still doesn’t quite get the concept of “sit”. Yell out the command with a treat in your hand and you can literally see the bubble burst in her mind before her bum starts to lower.

oww, boo

Sigh, little Sally Boo. You funny little one.

Till today, she’s still tripping over her own feet, even when walking on normal, flat ground. Sometimes when she runs on the grass, she flips right over and gives herself a shock.

She grumbles at Rosco if he weasels in her ‘face’ time with us, and when she wants to show you she loves you, she snaps at your nose coz she thinks she’s kissing you. She’s nicknamed ‘Chomper’ for this very reason. And all I have to do is put my face down to her level and she will literally leg it from one corner of the room just to put her nose against your’s affectionately.

i'm a lap dog

Sally Boo doesn’t play.

Well, she does only with Rosco. When you’re not looking, Sally will instigate a game by picking up a rope toy from the basket. When she does this, she just wants Rosco to chase her and play tug with her. And it is adorable ‘coz Rosco is at least twice her size and there’s no way she could ever win in a game of tug – But somehow, she does. He lets her win. It is too cute for words.

When Sally wants to play with you, she barks at a squeaky toy and you need to squeak it for her. But she doesn’t pull it from you or play fetch. She just barks and nibbles with a growl. It is the strangest way a puppy has ever played with me before. But it is the quirks in Sally Boo’s habits that make her so endearing. She is a funny little thing.

When Sally knows someone well, she loves them for life. She will run up to them and greet them with the happiest squeeee I have ever heard. She tells you how much she loves you when she sees you and her bum waggles uncontrollably. If she doesn’t know you, she’ll tell us so. There is a distinct difference. She also screams – yes, screams – when she is afraid. It may as well be a child screaming in fear. It is a yell like no other. The best part is nothing has happened to her at this point, but she will yell her little heart out anyway.

You know how mothers get embarrassed about their kids making a ruckus? Yeah, I get that with Sally when she (1) gets a fright unexpectedly (2) sees Rosco leave her behind when I’m carrying her.

I once told the husband to take Rosco for a run whilst I spent some quality time with the Boo. And what did she do?

She refused to leave the front door and cried for the longest time. It was heartbreaking. I tried to distract her with chicken fillets (her favourite) but to no avail. Rosco is her big brother and he will always be so.

together, forever

Sometimes I think about my two little sausages and wonder what life would be without them. It’s hard to imagine.

I know they are the reason why Hubba and I can go through the levels of stress that we do and come out alright – They sooth us and they teach us how to be a bit less self-centred every day of our lives. We may come home angry and stressed, but they greet us with unconditional love and make these negative feelings fall away.

And little Sally Boo, as silly as she is, makes your heart melt even more than Rosco does sometimes – Just because she is so quirky and particular about everything. She can look at your disapprovingly. When I first left her for my first one-week work trip, she didn’t ‘speak’ to me for a whole night. If she’s mad at you, she shows it. Hubba once picked her up and she turned away – She’s very expressive that way.

So when she smiles and tells you she’s happy, it is oh, so, cute. Owww. *warm fuzzy feeling inside*

That is why Sally Boo is so special.

She’s just a funny little one and I love her so :)

little piggy love

12 Responses to Her name is Sally Boo

  1. bern says:

    this is really really sweet.. *tears* :)

  2. nicole says:

    Hi there, im a silent reader of your blog, what drew me to your blog is your 2 cute little doggies. This entry has moved me to tears for some reason. Sally boo is sure a special dog :)

  3. s says:

    i’ve always wanted to do an entry like this ever since kenji (my boyfriend’s dog) came into my life. when i was reading yours, all i thought of was “kenji made me feel this way too!”, and kenji that and kenji that.

    “They sooth us and they teach us how to be a bit less self-centred every day of our lives. We may come home angry and stressed, but they greet us with unconditional love and make these negative feelings fall away.” —- i so agree with this. i think i have become more loving and less selfish ever since kenji appeared :)

    thanks jan!

  4. orientalflower says:

    This made me cry. Sally is such a unique little fluff ball. Love her so much!

  5. Meow says:

    We both love Sally Boo too!! And of course, Rosco boy…*arrrrrrrrr rufff*

  6. Kris says:

    Hey Janice

    I was browsing and saw this and thought of sally boo :)

  7. Shirley says:

    Dear Janice

    I understand what you mean even though I don’t have a dog myself. My sister has a pretty Shih Tzu and I would play with her whenever I visit my parents. My husband commented that I seem more happy and relaxed whenever I play with her. In other words, all my stress and worry dissipate just at the sight of her.

    And yes, she can also be expressive, turning her head away from one when she is angry and walking away from one and lying on the floor sulking when she is unhappy.

    Reading your post makes me miss her…

  8. HL says:

    aww that’s a reaaallly nice post…reminds me of how i feel about my boy and ger ;)

  9. Jo says:

    Thank you for the very lovely post. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my darling dog too. My troubles will simply melt away whenever I see his happy face and tail wagging at top speed.

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