conquering a hill everywhere we go

Wherever we travel, Hubba and I need to somehow venture past the meadow and explore the outdoors.

I’m a sucker for sunshine and fresh air, and apart from loving the same, he’s a sadist who wants to feel pain in his legs and the wind getting knocked out of his lungs as he climbs a hill. I think this is part of the reason why I fell for him – his love for life and Superman attitude is infectious.

The day we arrived in Melbourne, we strapped on our trainers and hit the pavement. But our itch wasn’t properly scratched till the next day when we were off to the Commonwealth Games MTB track at Lysterfield Park with bike mate Jon and his friend Will….

I must say I was a little apprehensive about this ride thanks to my very bad ride at BT recently – But thankfully, my legs and lungs held up fine, probably thanks to regular training at Evolve. It was a 20km ride with sweet, albeit muddy single track, which was good ‘coz it probably helped cushion my back from the usual judders on a hardtail. (**I borrowed a friend’s bike and didn’t take mine along)

here'z i am!

I must say riding in Aussie winter is fantastic – It’s not as cold as Scotland and the sun was out so even though there was wind, it was completely bearable. Almost pleasant. Jon tricked me by saying it was going to be a fairly flat ride so I cranked up the gears and didn’t shift down to granny once in 15km, which even the husband did. But he failed to tell me the last 5km was a steep painful climb, so by the time I got there, I was spent. The lactic acid in my thighs burned so bad that I had to take a minute pit-stop halfway up, just so I could recover and get myself up again.

This lactic acid burn lingered for days and absolutely KILLED me when I hit the slopes on the snowboard that weekend – but that’s another post altogether =P


The wildlife was incredible and it catapulted me back to days when I used to visit wildlife parks just to get close to nature. These days, I see it for free on rides. Amazing.

hello kanga! hello roo!

old bike pals doing their thang


climb, climb up sunshine mountain

the view at the end of the ride

I love how the simplest things on holiday can be the most beautiful too. Ride on!

Check out the type of ride here and here.

Oh yes, I’ve ventured into the world of Formspring for fun! So feel free to ask away via this link or my sidebar and I will respond to anything … within reason anyway ;)

2 Responses to Riding Lysterfield Park

  1. Elaine says:

    Did you rent the bikes or did you bring your bikes up to Melb?

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