My love for gadgets started a long time back, when Mum & Dad caved and got me my first walkman.

And the brand of choice? Sony Walkman – But not just any Sony Walkman…… My First Sony :)

My neighbour Sher and I were inseparable at the time. Joined at the hip, we would both sport our My First Sony Walkmans as we cycled our bikes at 6pm every single day after school. We’d sync up and click ‘play’ simultaneously, and have Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth album ringing in our ears as we rode along mouthing the lyrics to each other.

Those were the days, eh?

Now I’m told I’m gonna be able to try out the new and improved Sony Walkman. These days, there is no cassette tape involved so I’m not gonna fear the noodle getting caught in the Walkman’s mechanics. There won’t be any squiggley noises when I fast forward tracks. I’m gonna be able to store a whole lot more than 90 minutes in my bit of plastic.

Enter the latest breed of Sony Walkman. They’re gonna be perfect for skipping with. Can’t wait to get my grubby paws on them, stat.

Watch this space :)

4 Responses to My First Sony

  1. sabbie says:

    hi janice, i wanted to ask you.. where can i buy mp3 players that can be brought for swimming? i remember reading a post you had on that, but i can’t find it.

  2. Pearl says:

    Oh i hate to disappoint you but i got this for my hubs and just 1 time wearing it to run, it can’t work anymore! apparently the mechanics of it absorb the perspiration and short circuit! hmmm…not very apt for sports related activities even tho they claimed so! and when we brought it back for servicing…its a norm! so think twice Janice! old stuff are still better eh!

    • Janice says:

      I have a feeling the model you had was the previous non-water resistant model. This one has addressed the water-resistant issues apparently. Let you know!

  3. hy says:

    hmmm. hi there, a reader here. just wanna say that i have mine for a yr already and there are still working v fine. i love it! i use it to jog..and sweat gets to it sometimes, but no probs. the only thing is that they keep slipping outta my ear so last time i used my ponytail to hold it up; now w short hair, i use my hairband :)

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