Hubba with good pal Jon & his babies

Part of our trip away Down Under was spent bonding with family and old friends – We spent some time cycling with Hubba’s ol’ bike pal Jon, who now lives in Melbourne with his family, and spent some time in their home with his wife Justine – who graciously loaned me her bike whilst I was there – and kids too.

Funnily enough, the trip was like a little trial run for us….Hubba and I took turns feeding little bobba boy Felix, I supervised little Sachi’s bathtime, we played with the kids and witnessed a couple of meltdowns. It was what Hubba called a ‘try before you buy’ session.

Four-year-old Sachi would bound into our room early in the morning, bouncing around the bed, asking us if we wanted to come downstairs for pancakes and telling us what she was getting up to. And when Jon found her up to her mischief, he’d gently poke his head into the room and say, “Do you still want children?”

Haha, classic.

Hubba got vommed on as well – He bounced Felix by accident after feeding him his morning milk. Nice one! There’s a first time for everything, eh…..

Having said that, I seriously can’t wait to see these kids grow up. Sachi is going to be drop-dead gorgeous I’m sure (just like Angela) and Felix is going to be a (handsome) sweetie pie.

As for us? Well, we definitely weren’t daunted by the experience and will see what happens! :)

Justine with Sachi & Felix

Cuddling the siew mai

“What model is this ah, Jon? XTR?”

Cheeky monkeys

Nice hat, Jon

Sharing the backseat

Thanks for hosting us, guys! It was certainly an ‘eye-opening’ experience. Haha!!! Can’t wait to host you guys in Singapore next year!

One Response to The Coleman-Goh Clan

  1. Felicia says:

    Oww, your friend’s kids look so adorable!

    I’m sure your (future) kids will look gorgeous when they grow up too, considering the good genes they will inherit from both parents :)

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