Mt Buller, “Two-O-O-Ten-JULY’

It seems like just yesterday the four of us were at Mt Buller on our one-day ski trip. I had gone to ski school for a couple of hours with Ga, after which we then spent the rest of the day snow ploughing down the icy mountain. But then the evening came and we had to pack it in and drive down the mountain again.

This year, we decided we’d spend more time on the mountain. And to commemorate this snowy reunion, we attempted to ‘date’ our picture manually. Please refer to picture bove for our version of 2010-7.

So things were really different this year….  For one, Hubba and I were now married an established active married couple who knew full well what to expect of each other from our capibilities on the slopes. That really does make a difference for trips like these. According to Ra and Ga, we’d fought on our previous trip there. I don’t remember it, which I am hoping is a good thing, but I have no doubt we would have had our differences.

Gary – great pal as always – is also the new owner of our current home and thus family for life. And Rachel is entering a new stage in her career which we are all excited about – Well, kinda! I’m happy she wants to torture herself ;) We sure have come a long way.

This was also my second time ever on a snowboard and I reckon that I did pretty okay despite not yet having a lesson on it. Aside from Ra’s pal D, I was the only one on a board and I am obviously still a complete noob coz I have no idea which side I’m better at. I don’t even know whether I really ride regular or goofy. I switch from side to side and it all works fine so all I really know is that I am able to move and having no major spills is fine with me!

When we arrived on the first day, the lifts were shut because of crazy-assed winds blowing through the mountains. Rachel made us a fantastic Spanish Fritata dinner and we just spent the evening stuffing our gobs and imbibing on a good bottle of vino. This was also the evening that Gary joined us from Sydney – He’d come all the way up the mountains for this little “clan” weekend reunion.

The next morning, the guys hit the slopes whilst I caught up with my very preggers uni mate Sarah. It’s not everyday you get to sit in the warm with an old mate and a hot chocolate and just talk about silly things while the world goes by about you.

After Sarah & Matt left in the arvo, I got a board out and hit the slopes and got just about a few hours in of the Blue Bullet and Shakey Knees, which were to become my two slopes of choice the next day as well.

What can I say? I’m a beginner. I’m not going to follow someone blindly onto a black run and not enjoy myself. So D and I basically  stuck to these two runs, me desperately trying to practice my technique all the while. Coming off the lifts freaked me out but as Ra said, I had – by the end of the trip – mastered the fine art of rolling around in the snow whenever I was uncertain of myself.

Dreary day outside our lodge

Sarah & Matt

Lift sistas

Last run on Shakey Knees on Day 2

Day three was good – The sun was shining, the (fake) snow was better and we could actually carve it up a little as we made our way down the slopes. I must have seemed a bit of an idiot boarding coz I kept giggling to myself as I made my way down, especially whenever I felt like I was on the verge of eating it.

giggles on-the-go

Ra comes down with glee


Me and D on the lifts



Snow Buds

Ah well, this snow trip has opened my eyes to several things: I’ve decided that I really do enjoy snowboarding; that I definitely prefer it to skiing; and that the next time I  hit the slopes, I’m going to do a couple of hours of board school so I can get even better; so that I can stop laughing my way down the mountain.

Japan, anyone? See you on the slopes soon!

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