I’ve never been one to hold on to the past, at least not with contempt.

It’s always been in my nature to let things go – To some, this has sometimes been viewed as an extreme weakness. Maybe to them, it seems that I’m not standing my ground enough. But to me, well, I just feel that Life is just too much work anyway without having to bear grudges and avoid people.

So with that thought in mind, I’ve always made the effort to let go of past grievances and stay friends with exes.

And I’m kind of glad I did ‘coz this year there have just been so many run-ins that if I wasn’t on friendly terms with all of them, things would be quite traumatic?!?!?!

Already this year, I’ve had a heart to heart with an ex, run into one at a good friend’s wedding with his fiance, chatted with one on instant messenger, had one add me on Twitter and ran into one at the gym. Gosh, this makes me sound like I have dated a lot but in truth, I haven’t. I’m deliberately being vague so that sounds like more people than it really is!

I must say though, I am really happy to be in touch with them all. Seeing all of them happy and getting along in life on Facebook makes me feel good. Good that life has been good to us , that life worked out well for all parties involved, and I guess it renews my faith in the fact that God really does have a plan for each and every one of us. You just gotta have faith.

And if you’re out there thinking that he’s forgotten you. He’s not. You just can’t see this yet.

And I truly believe that you will :)

4 Responses to The Year of the Ex

  1. bellespoir says:

    Hi Janice! i asked you a question on formspring on your exes (the long one) and i had this reply which i wanted to post on formspring as well but they keep telling me invalid request. u might want to knw that that happens? anyway, here it is: this is not a question, but the fact that you found andrew/he found you/God gave you both to each other inspires me. i had my heart broken a year ago, still aches sometimes, but maybe there’ll be someone for me just like you.” keep writing, i love reading :)

  2. Louisa says:

    “And if you’re out there thinking that he’s forgotten you. He’s not. You just can’t see this yet.

    And I truly believe that you will :)”

    I did a double-take when u said that. Do u mean the ex hasn’t forgotten me when I think he has? And that I will see that he hasn’t?

  3. thaats-mee says:

    Awww. I had been feeling low and disheartened, but reading this actually gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for your optimism – you make the world shine a little brighter.

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