facing an issue from both ends

This music video blew my mind last night.

I hadn’t noticed that Megan Fox was in it. Or the Hobbit from Lost. I’d heard it a couple of times in the gym, and just thought the tune was alright.

But then I sat down and watched it – Unlike many, I’m fortunate not to have ever had to deal with domestic violence. But it is something that I know is very, very real. How does she feel? How does he think? How does domestic violence perpetuate itself? Hearing the words of the abused coming from Rihanna with her history is just haunting. Meanwhile, Eminem comes from the other side. Wasn’t he accused of domestic violence?

The result? An explosive, thought provoking depiction of violence, emotional and physical aggravation, hurt and pain between two people.

You can’t help but get drawn into it.

Kudos to both Foxy and Hobbit for the fine acting. I think it’s the best piece of acting from her yet, her blockbusters notwithstanding.

And big-up to her especially for donating all of her entire paycheck for this appearance to Sojourn, a centre for battered women and their children in Santa Monica, California.

You have a new fan in me.

One Response to Stand there…. Stand up

  1. Jeredy Wee says:

    I love this song very much. I love the radio station that repeats this song during my work hours!

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