It’s been awhile since I leylong-ed something here – but this one’s a useful little gadget that’s sitting around doing nothing now that I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 4.

Mophie juice pack air™ (iPhone 3G/3GS)

This is a fantastic gadget for 3G or 3GS users with extra juice requirements. I first bought this last year for the F1 because I wanted to be preoccupied whilst the husband watched cars zoom around. It is capable of fully charging your iPhone when it is nearly flat – It looks like an iPhone case but has an in-built switch to let you turn on some extra power so that you can give your phone a full batt charge.

Easy to charge at night via your laptop using a USB cable which comes with.

I think I bought it for just over $100 but I’m willing to take offers for it.

Email me at email[dot]ickle[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested!

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