I am feeling very thankful tonight.

Why? Because sometimes I really think about life and realize that there is no better way it could have all worked out than how it has.

Even though sometimes the road is hard and you hit speed bumps along the way. Even though you may not think so 24/7.

I used to brood about how I thought life was unfair and how things weren’t ever going my way, and I often thought there was no place in this world for me. I know it sounds depressing and morbid but this is how I thought as a child and a teen.

But now I realize that once you stop fighting your destiny, and make peace with what life brings you, you can truly find happiness in simple things.

Do I look back and wonder “what if”?

Well, I used to. A lot. But now I just feel there’s no point doing that and the best thing to do is to look ahead. Because He already has a plan for you and you don’t know what it is, so it’s best to just keep your eyes on the horizon and anticipate what comes next.

Journey on, my friends. Journey on.

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