A good friend of mine spent most of her courtship away from her now-husband – I always found it amazing to think that they managed at least five over years apart, when my ex-boyfriend and I couldn’t even survive one year after being together for three.

How did she do it, I wondered. Of course, she shared her wisdom with me. Talk, she said. Always talk. Even when you have nothing to talk about.

10 days away from home now and I miss Hubba and the doggies like crazy, but I think we’re doing okay. We Skype whenever we can and even include the doggies wherever possible. Rosco totally gets it. He looks into the camera and wags his tail – he’s too cute. Sally, on the other hand, either stares into space or falls asleep. I treasure these moments at the end of the day though, as it’s just time for inane chats and silliness – stuff that we’re accustomed to when we’re in the same place.

It sure makes you feel like you aren’t so darn far away, that’s for sure.

I know it sounds silly but I’ve had a very heavy heart today thinking about the miners in Chile who have been trapped underground for more than two months. Eternal darkness, stifling heat, little hope and no ready communication to your loved ones. It sure made me feel bad for whinging about the past few challenging days I’ve had. I’ve been watching the progress for two days and broke into tears when I saw footage of Florencio Avalos being pulled to the surface. Kudos to the team and everyone in Chile who are working around the clock to get those men back to their families.

Goodnight from Guangzhou.

the doggies are included

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