Coming home always feels fantastic.

Whenever I get past immigration and see Hubba standing patiently outside the baggage carousel area, my heart lights up and whatever was weighing me down before seems to fall away. That first hug and kiss is always one of sweet thanks, that we are able to be in the same place again and not take each other for granted. It’s so easy to when you’re married and in each other’s pockets all the time. And when I came home, the doggies went crazy whining at the sight of me, as if to say “Where on EARTH have you been Mummy??”

This morning, Hubba kissed me goodbye and started his day with a big grin. Such a handsome, happy man he looked. I’ve taken two days off to rest and recharge – Felt like I was on a downward spiral after the 14 day stint, so I’ve not got too much planned for the next two days. I had my toast and coffee in bed, and just felt so at peace with everything.

And so my weekend has begun…

3 Responses to Together Again

  1. welcome home…have a good rest :)

  2. Chetz says:

    You two are so sweetums!

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