… It really is. Or at least it really feels like it is right now.

So much has been happening of late and it will slowly unfold on this space in the next month or so. First up, we’re moving! Or at least we will be at the end of November, so we’re in the process of boxing up the last five years of our life so that we can move again – this time, to a place we can call home for at least the next 10 years or so.

building our home

This was us huddled over the computer last night trying to select paints for rooms in the new place. The sister caught us unawares with this shot and was so proud of it ‘coz she felt she had captured the essence of our little family – just us huddled together, with the little fuzzies always by our side and with The Big Guy making it all possible for us. And you know what? She’s right. The resolution of this shot may be poor but I’ll really treasure it as a good memory as the years go by.

This morning, Hubba and I reflected on our last five years as a married couple. We had our discovery years, our ‘want-to-be-race-fit’ years, our race-anything-and-everything years, our triathlon crazy years… then came the becoming-a-pet-owner years and now we’re moving into another phase of our crazy lives. It’s been a good life so far… and Life is still Good. Sure, we’ve had some hard times which have been pretty unpleasant but when you put everything into perspective, you really can’t complain.

I’m looking forward to our big move next month!

Meanwhile, I’ve been gifted with a li’l gadget to document all these great moments with… Thanks to the good people from LG, I now get to test drive the new Optimus P500 – a dinky little handset running on the Android platform. Never had a chance to play with an Android before this, so this should be kinda fun. You know how much I love my gadgets! Or at least I guess they did :)

I’ll be updating soon with more of life’s great moments with this little device and if you want to get your hands on one too you can!

Rosco was quite taken with the handset as well :)

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2 Responses to Life’s Good….

  1. Debra says:

    Such a lovely entry – Very happy for you guys and that is a beautiful picture indeed! Happy house-moving!

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