I am often asked – in my capacity as a writer – to define myself. It is somewhat frustrating but then I do see a lot of other people manage to do it very well. The truth is, sometimes I struggle with the definition. Why?

Well, I think it’s because I feel I’m always changing and this is especially true as the years go by. I used to be this bright-eyed girl who wanted to see the world away from Singapore and I have changed into a woman who loves it too much to leave it.

And as I take this new step into this new world of Motherhood, my definition of self is going to change yet again.

So when Aviva posed this question to me, I got into a little headspin and had to think really hard.

We all want to be recognised for the things that we achieve in life, whether it is just by the people we love or by others. I guess this makes us human… to have that sense of purpose in what we do.

When I was a kid, I really didn’t know what I wanted to be recognised for.

I had a huge insecurity complex because I felt that everything I set out to achieve had been conquered before, whether it was by my siblings or by my peers. It irked me deep inside, and I felt like a bit of a parrot (third child syndrome). I wanted to do things differently….I wanted to be Me.

So when I got a bit older and wiser, I set out doing things differently.

Over the years, I’ve managed to turn my focus on both the little and large things which have made me feel special – at least to myself – as crazy as that might sound.

Here are some of the things that I feel make me feel like I’ve made a little difference – at least in my own life.

For a kid who was diagnosed asthmatic and told to stay indoors a lot,
I think I’ve pushed some boundaries and made myself suffer a bit

And through this, I’ve accomplished a few personal feats and felt alive

I’ve had some adventure

Okay no, I’ve had a lot :)

I’ve seen the world through Work

As well as through Play

I’ve become a devoted doggy Mama

And also my Mummy’s buddy

I’ve kept in touch with the inner kid from my past

And learnt to laugh at most things in life, especially at myself

Most of all, I’ve become someone’s best friend

And he says I’m a pretty good wife too :)

So what is it I want to be recognised for? I want to be recognized for all these moments …. And more.

What do YOU want to be recognized for?

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Why do they want to know? Because to Aviva, you’re their big picture.

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4 Responses to What Do You Want To Be Recognised For?

  1. yihui says:

    Hi janice, i’m graduating from school soon, but still do not know what i wanna do in the future or what course i wanna take in uni. your job seems like loads of fun. i would like to know what do you work as and what’s your jobscope?

    • Janice says:

      One piece of advice – Don’t set out to do what is fun but what you might be good at. I did one of those profile tests before I went to uni that told me what I would be good at, and journalist and public relations were listed as some of the suggestions. Maybe do one of those?

  2. Chetz says:

    I love this post! It’s very inspirational xx

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