Whenever I’m away, I miss my home and my family. I think about the memories we have shared and the memories we are creating, and I flip through my mobile for pictures and videos to remind me of what awaits me back home… And I always pray that I make it back in one piece.

Touch wood, I know :)

I left home in a hurry this morning. My bags were barely packed by 1am last night and I was catching a 9am flight. Spoke to Hubba tonight and the doggies have been waiting for me at the door this evening. They are waiting for Mummy to come home, he says. It always breaks my heart when he tells me this but it also makes me smile at the same time!

So in my hurry, I must say I  have left the house in a bit of a mess. Am hoping the boxes in Little O’s room are going to magically disappear by the time I am back *looks in Andrew’s direction* =P

my boys playing ball in the living room – a daily affair

brekkie at the nook

the unfinished book shelf

curtainless comfort

6 Responses to Bless this mess

  1. agnes says:

    hey jan,
    will u be getting grills for your bubs? we use to have windows like yours (sans-grills) but during the upgrading of my flat grills were installed – very handy now that Tya (17mo) likes to climb up.

    agnes x

  2. koonie says:

    pls get grills installed. do give it serious consideration! wishing u a smooth n healthy pregnancy =)

  3. Jem says:

    Crickets is looking so great babe! Love the kooky little touches. :)

  4. Marie says:

    I didn’t see this till after I had my super fug grilles installed… http://www.invisiblegrille.com.sg/default.asp. We haven’t put in any in the balcony yet so we might do with the invisible grills there so we can enjoy some green without bars.

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