working in coolum

It is so odd being in a beautiful place like Coolum for work – On the one hand, you know you really need the rest after the long day but all I feel like doing is going for runs along the beach and exploring the surf. Alas, I also have zero energy at the end of the day so I end up chilling out in our apartment and enjoying the quiet.

Yesterday, I did something very uncharacteristic. I bought a souvenir t-shirt for my unborn child.

I don’t know why but I just felt like I ought to remember the time I was travelling for the first time with an extra little person instead of an embryo. It also marked my first ever present bought for her. It is madness when I think that I am going to have daughter in a mere matter of months.

I think about next Christmas and how I’ll have a new little stocking to stuff. I’ve been thinking about the logistics of Christmas and shuttling the whole brood around – doggies will continue to play a big part in our lives of course and I do not intend for any of that to change. So there are all these thoughts! I might be getting ahead of myself…

But it’s really good thinking about it.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling a bit bitter sweet about the fact that this is going to be my last tournament in awhile. Tournament life might be hectic and tiring but I really like the people who work on the Tour and I wonder when I will see them again!

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8 Responses to Life’s Good: On the Sunshine Coast

  1. ladysuki says:

    u r looking gd!! ^.^

  2. Nur says:


    So it’s a GIRL! Happy for ya! ;)

  3. Chetz says:

    First of many baby presents to come, I’m sure! Much love to you and Meebs!

  4. G says:

    you look so much like your sis in that picture! :)

  5. Sabrina says:

    Hi, I have been following your post since a few years back. Congrats! I m v excited for u. My bb girl is coming 4 mths, u r gg thru the preggie that I had been. Is a exciting journey.

  6. eun says:

    Sunshine Coast is my favourite place when I was studying in Brissie! And your daughter would love the first present you got for her! ;)

  7. Mary-Ann says:

    Haha, we bought our older one a souvenir tee from Krabi during our recent babymoon, sth we’d never done for ourselves. They didn’t have anything for babies there so the lil one will get hers when we take our next family trip. =)

  8. B says:

    check out that glow man! ;)

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