flutter sleeve top from loef

When one is up the duff, all you feel like doing is putting on the loosest tops you can find and lounging around like a beached whale.

More often than not, this makes you feel unattractive and lower about yourself than you already feel, given the nausea and bad skin etc that you might be battling.

But I’ve found that there are certain things you can try doing which can help you feel better about yourself. And one of these things was in my general dressing.

  • No loose balloon tops – I’ve found that they often make you feel worse ‘coz you feel like a lazy auntie. Put on something semi fitting at the top and slightly loose at the bottom, or even something that’s fitting but made of a stretchy cotton. Yes, it shows off your bump but it also makes you feel like it’s just another normal day and nothing has changed except that little joy that you’re carrying!
  • No balloon pants – Elastic waists are fantastic but make sure your trousers are still fairly fitting at least around the bottom and legs. Same rationale as above really – Belly Bands are great but if you don’t have one, simple rubber bands work a dream
  • Accessorize – Crack out the ornaments. Don’t know if it’s psychological but they help detract from the lousy that you may be feeling.
  • Eyeliner – I don’t normally use the stuff but during my first trimester when my skin was worse than a pre-pubescent teen’s, I had to go around with a completely bare face. I invested in a little bit of eyeliner and mascara and dressed up my eyes just ‘coz I felt crappy. I don’t think I looked particularly nice, but it was yet another distraction from the fugly that I felt.
  • Bags & Stuff – Well, if you can’t stand looking at yourself, then at least look at a bag that you like? Ha! I invested in a new iPhone case and that made me feel happy.

Hmm, and that’s it really! Today I’m feeling really happy pretty in my new Loef top. Hui Ling, I can still wear your stuff!!! :)

2 Responses to Nice Blimp

  1. Marie-Christine says:

    Great tips! I’ll remember that for my next pregnancy. Even if I didn’t gain much weight when I was pregnant the first time, I felt crappy and ugly.

    Thanks again!

  2. Julie says:

    i so agree with you! when i put on super baggy stuff i feel like such an aunty and extra fat!!! i actually have no problems with work clothes cos they are all pretty fitting but casual wear is a curse!

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