It has been a very
interesting few weeks watching little Olive grow.

I’ve started feeling her move around
and over the weekend, she started giving us her first few little
kicks. I must say it is really quite an amazing feeling knowing
that I have a little baby inside me, as opposed to just a really
bloated belly. It hadn’t quite hit home till now and I now feel
like I can start talking to her and tapping at her, to evoke a
response. Hee.

looks like she’s got Hubba’s honker at the moment, and apparently
she’s a bit on the big/tall side. I’ll probably end up being the
shorty of the family… but not like it’s something I’m not used to

Little O, I’m
really very excited to meet you. Please continue to grow and feel
free to remind Mummy that you’re there!

7 Responses to There she grows

  1. agnes says:

    Hey Janice,
    wow the bumps taking shape, your lookin v radiant too!
    hw many months are you now?

    Agnes x

  2. Chetz says:

    You’re making me cry at work!

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