Hubba and I have a new activity to engage in during the week….. PickleBall!

I was away in Australia earlier this month when Hubba spotted some activity in our new neighbourhood. He was invited to join in on the fun and thought it was something I’d find interesting too.

So I went along to have a look last night and was asked to join in.

PickleBall Doubles

PickleBall is really good fun, especially if you’ve got any sort of background with a racket sport. Hubba is an ex-badminton player and I’m an ex-squashie, so picking it up was pretty quick. The racket is like an oversized ping pong paddle so the length took a bit of getting used to, but after a bit of practice we were all set for a game of doubles!

I played a full game with a really nice guy called Beng Keat, and Hubba paired up with an equally nice dude called Roger, who’s really the guy behind the organization of the weekly games. It’s really nice that there’s something like this going on in our neighbourhood for the people who live in the estate – What a lovely neighbourhood!

We’ve been asked to join weekly and I’m quite keen since I haven’t got any regular exercise going on at this point.

And I haven’t done much cardio in the past few months so this was really a lot of fun! We played to 21 points and midway, I started getting a bit tired so my ball was going everywhere. Oops…. Sorry, Beng Keat =P

Big Bellied Player

Looking forward to next week’s game :)

3 Responses to PickleBall

  1. Chetz says:

    For a moment I thought that was the paddle, then I realised it was your belleh!

  2. B says:

    you must have been a ‘belly’ good player! wahahaha.. merry xmas janice!

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