This is our last holiday as a two. Next year there will be three.

So I suppose it’s only right that I put some thoughts down on what this holiday means to us.

Christmas is that time of year when Christ was born, when God had a son, and when everyone celebrates generosity and good spirit. I’ve always loved the holiday, as it means time spent with family, a time of giving, and a time to crack out those Christmas carols and have some mulled wine and stuff like gingerbread (which isn’t very nice really but you have it anyway coz it makes you feel the holiday).This is our family home, and somehow our first Christmas here is already a bigger deal than it used to be. Why? Perhaps it’s because I’m thinking about what sort of traditions we should start next year when little Olive has come into the world. My Dad used to stuff our stockings at the turn of Christmas so we had little knick knacks to check out in our stockings in the morning. One year, he put a Garfield radio in mine and I treasured it dearly. Those were moments I loved as a kid.

I’ll want to us to create such moments for our little one. It’s definitely something to look forward to :)

Merry Christmas, everybody! May you have a truly blessed holiday. Sending out lots of love, hugs and cheer over this wonderful season.

Now I leave you with scenes around the house this Christmas… our tree lovingly decorated with my gal pals Mezza and Gracie… and other pictures that made me smile this Christmas.

5 Responses to Our First Cricket Christmas

  1. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas cuz and all our love to Andrew and liitle O! Can’t wait to meet Olive :)

  2. Cheryl says:

    beautiful lamp!

  3. W says:

    Hi Janice, Happy New Year to you! Just wondering which model and brand is that iphone docking station that you have? I like the retro feel of that. thanks!

  4. W says:

    Hi Janice, Thanks! =)

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