It’s a wellington day all right.

The rain has been going non-stop for two whole days now and whilst most people are starting to get sick of it, I’m really loving this weather. It has been so cool that we’ve not had to turn the air conditioning on at any point and still snuggle under the sheets blissfully.

I’ve had the most amazing naps – yes, naps! – over the weekend. Never before have I slept so soundly like a baby during the day.

Olive has been nestling around inside and it has been kinda fun feeling her move so often. Hubba is starting to feel her a little more too so the whole thing is a little more real to him and he is starting to imagine a little one about the house.

How I wish it was the weekend again! But hey ho, here’s to a two and a half day work week!

2 Responses to A Wellie Wet Day

  1. Nur says:

    Where you get those wellies booties?

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