I finally sat down and watched the movie. It sure took awhile – I’ve owned the DVD for more than a year, but it’s taken me that long to sit down and get through it. Funny that…

But I think it’s because Audrey Niffenegger’s tale has always haunted the true romantic in me. I’ve read the book more than three times and each time, it has evoked emotions which I’ve found hard to deal with.

And now with Little O inside me, I saw the entire story in a whole new light…. which led to a lot more bawling than usual. (I know, I’m really quite a sap.)

The funny thing about being pregnant is that you suddenly see things in a way you’ve never seen them before. I think about my parents a lot and how they’ve brought us up, how they must have felt when we all went through our different milestones in life… After all, wasn’t it just yesterday they were visiting their doctor’s clinic to make sure the tiny fetus inside Mummy was doing okay?

My daughter is not out yet and already I feel so much.

This emo in me is going to have to deal with quite a lot when she does, I think.

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