Little O’s room has pretty much been a store room, until yesterday.

The delivery men from Ikea turned up with the main storage pieces and suddenly Hubba & I were in full Nesting mode. We were cleaning, unpacking and basically getting very excited about the little one’s arrival. I think we’ve pretty much gotten the essentials, except things like Baby Lotions and such.

Without having bought any clothes for her yet, save for a souvenir t-shirt from Australia on my last work trip, I really don’t know how on earth she’s managed to get a total of 20 Onesies in her clothes collection already?!! Such loving friends and family, we have, really.

Rosco and Sally seemed to love the room. I can just see the boy guarding our little girl as she sleeps and Sally lazing on the adult bed during the days. It’s going to be such a fun adventure with my fur kids around – And no, I am not getting rid of them (as some have asked or suggested)! They are her siblings and I believe she will love them very much indeed! They can kiss her all over the face, as far as I’m concerned, it’s fine with me! :)

After we’d set everything up, Hubba and I went out and celebrated over pizza and a contraband glass of red. We just felt so happy, it was indescribable. So I came home and wrote my little girl a letter.

10 more weeks to go now. Egad!!!!

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19 Responses to Nesting: The Nursery

  1. Chetz says:

    Beautiful job. I want to visit!

  2. Janice says:

    Adorable nursery!

  3. Lovely job you’ve done here with the nursery! I like the safari theme.

  4. Anya's mom says:

    Oooo..! We have the same wall applique in our nursery! When she was a teeny baby, she would stare at the animals for long stretches when left on her own in her cot.

  5. agnes says:

    nice job janice. love the bed for the parent-on-duty :)

  6. mirror says:

    Lovely room. Warm and cosy. Absolutely inviting for a newborn baby. Congrates!

  7. ladysuki says:

    very beautiful baby room!! :D

  8. Natty says:

    This makes me go awwwwwwwws., truly.

  9. Michelle says:

    gorgeous baby room. Is the bed from Ikea?

  10. Natalie says:

    Lovely! Adore the lamp and the light it throws on the walls. Great job! (:

  11. Saeran says:

    Hello! To drop a note that this nursery gave me a very cosy feeling! Makes me wanna sleep there. An inspiration for me too, as I am gng to set up one for my bb :)

  12. sabrina says:

    hey janice, great cosy room for the bub! it’s really good to know she’s gonna grow up with doggies and experiencing loads of love. but just be mindful as babies/kids can be rather sensitive to fur and may lead to asthma.

    • Janice says:

      Thanks Sabrina. I’m asthmatic too, it depends of course if the baby is born with it or grows into it. I grew into it but my family has a background with it. We’ll be fine :) Thanks!

  13. Natalie says:

    That’s lovely! Is the lamp from Ikea too?

  14. shawna says:

    Hi Janice,

    Beautiful room for the princess!

    is it a cot bed?

    how much is it at mothercare?

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