I have hit week 30 and my badaboomness is pretty much at its peak. As such, I have decided it is time I head back to the confines of the pilates studio.

Tonight was my first session in months – I almost dreaded it, wondering if I’d be able to survive especially after such an exhausting long day. Surprisingly, I found the class easier than I had done before, which led me to think about my outdoor activity and how much it has helped me in the past months.

My legs are a lot stronger and my core muscles seem to have strengthened as well. I am feeling very good physically which is surprising since I’ve been struggling with swelling issues!

Meanwhile, there is a lot of wriggling action today. It feels funny!

2 Responses to Back on the Mat

  1. Serene says:

    Been a long time silent reader. Just wanted to say how excited I am for you and Andrew. I sort of stumble upon your blog through Karen Cheng’s (she is friends with hubby –perth boy, than I) and have been following your journeys for quite a while since. And though I don’t know you (other than your persona over the web), I have to say, you guys will make great parents.

    I’m a Singaporean living in Sydney and am a mother of 2 pretty girls (3 & 1) so I can totally identify with all your bubbie stories (I too had baby bladder). Girls are SO much fun! You will see.

    Anyhoo, looking forward to reading more about little O in many posts to come (you are kinda one of my links I use to home in on Singapore when I get home sick *smiles*). You have my best wishes.

  2. Janice says:

    Hi there Serene, thanks for popping by and sharing your blog and best wishes! I’ll go surf by too :) I am definitely very excited about having a little girl. Should be fun!

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