Week 30_a1.6kg at 30 Weeks

Our little girl is growing well. She is 1.6kg and right on track – Her mother, on the hand, is is a whopping 13+ kg over her previous weight and trying not to think about it.

“Little O” as she was so affectionately called before has actually been an “N” to us since we found out she was going to be a little girl. Funnily enough, Hubba and I always had her name in our pocket since the very first day we talked about sproglets so I was very happy to be able to use it early.

Here she lies on her side, peacefully napping in the safety of my belly.

She’ll always be my little Olive.

5 Responses to Little O is an N

  1. Irene says:

    i am sure you would be able to shed off those weights since you are so active despite being preggie. OMG. make me feel so ashamed of myself for being such a lazy bum.
    my gal has an initial N :D

  2. rox says:

    aww what a gem!

  3. Alicia says:

    Were you underweight before pregnancy? Underweight moms to be are encouraged to put on more weight as compared to overweight moms.

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