I know breathing is a big part of exercising but it is an incredibly funny feeling having to focus on breathing for a whole hour when you’re trying to get a workout in.

Pre-natal pilates was something I signed up for mainly because I wanted to learn a form of exercise that would be totally safe for Olive. After Kru Toy said to put Muay Thai and Fightshape on hold, I read Tracey Mallett’s Super Fit Mama and used it as my guide as what would be safe and what would not be. I realized there was actually a lot I had to be wary of if I wanted to be absolutely sure that she was going to stay safe in my belly.

When you’re not pregnant, you have all these ideals of what you’d be like when you are. I thought I’d stay doing a lot of things and not care but I guess I thought it better to be safe than sorry. For my first three months, I was super paranoid about not eating everything I wasn’t supposed to and being extra careful in general. It was only in my second trimester that I started with the two-hour long hikes, swims and gentle runs and now that I’m in my heavy third trimester, things are starting to slow down again.

Over the past few years, I’ve dabbled in various forms of sport for fun and one thing I’ve realized about myself is: If I’m not drenched in sweat and panting like a dog, I find myself wondering what the point of the workout was. I just want to work up a sweat and lose myself in adrenalin surges already!

This is something I miss the most at the moment and I’m definitely biding my time waiting for my little girl and have made solemn promises to return to the land of the Itchy Bums once she arrives.

“I miss the old You,” a close friend of mine said today. You know what? I kinda miss Me too.

But she’ll be back. All in good time.

WAKE UP, GLUTES! You can have a short kip, but don’t you go hibernate on me now, ya hear?

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