It’s our anniversary today, or at least this is the day we celebrate it.

One thing about marrying young is that you tend to have all these different dates in your head from when your life started together: your engagement date, your registry date, your church and dinner celebration date…. It all gets so confusing and you don’t really know which one you should remember.

For some strange reason, the hubs and I decided to forget about all the other dates and just celebrate on the celebration date. But then the both of us really consider our registry date as our real wedding, which was a whole year before! So confusing!!!

So Happy 6th Year, darling. It’s funny to think we’re going to have a little girl with us this time next year :)

3 Responses to The Date

  1. Kris says:

    awwwh that’s such a lovely picture!
    You’re gonna have such a lovely little (er.. actually large, 5 is large ya?) family :)

  2. Esther says:

    Congrats on the 6th year anni & the new addition! :)

    At our wedding, my husband meticulously folded my veil into a tudung style covering my forehead I think (friends noticed this cos erm I was kinda engaged in that moment) and I only realised it had fallen back down to cover my face when we were lighting the unity candle. Thank God it didn’t catch the flame! ;p

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