When I first got my Sony Walkman 252, I had all sorts of plans for it.

The main thought was that it would accompany me on my work travels:

  • There’s nothing more annoying than reaching in and out of your bag to sort out your passport and accessories whilst struggling with earphone wires.
  • It would be perfect for an hour of skipping in the gym when trying to fit workouts in between tournament rounds. Or even shadow boxing or doing planks when no one was watching.

But that all went South when I conceived. I stopped traveling and I also stopped training, and the most active thing I was doing was getting from A to B. In that respect, it was still a useful little device. I’d take it for short walks around the neighbourhood when I was alone, but even on Badaboom walkies, I wasn’t using it as much as before ‘coz I had all this wonderful company from friends.

But surprisingly, I have found another use for my little heart.


I’ll be practicing hypnotherapy during N’s birth and one of the recommended things to do is to shut the rest of the world off and listen to calming sounds. Must admit I’ve found the hypnobirthing affirmations and rainbow relaxations pretty good so I’ll definitely be putting them into my W252 for the day itself to work through the contractions.

I’m also taking a sports bottle and some Accelerade with me. This is turning out to be more like race prep than birth prep. Lol!

2 Responses to Heart.

  1. Gilamama says:

    I liked the rainbow relaxation better but almost always fell asleep listening to both before bedtime! :o

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